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The Yankee Rowe property is located in the towns of Rowe and Monroe, in the northwest corner of Franklin County, Massachusetts. The approximately 1800 acres of property is mainly woods and fields.

The former Yankee Atomic power plant has been fully decommissioned and the plant site remediated. In 2007 the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission released all of the land under Yankee Atomic's license except approximately two acres surrounding the Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation.

In 2008 the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection issued the approval of the Final Phase II Comprehensive Site Assessment Report. This represented the final approval necessary to achieve site closure under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.

Yankee Atomic continues to have in place a ground and surface water monitoring program overseen by the Massachusetts DEP. Please go to the Document Room to view groundwater monitoring reports.

Yankee Rowe has made no decisions regarding the disposition of the former plant site property and has established no timetable for making such a decision. All options that meet shareholder, ratepayer, community, and other stakeholder interests remain open.